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Written by Maciek ☁️ who works in Cracow and has a passion to build useful things.

3 topics in 1 JavaScript interview question

March 12, 2019

Programming interviews are hard. Live coding during the interview is even harder. I have a feeling that as soon as I have to type code in…

4 fast ways to run JavaScript

February 14, 2019

I like to learn new things. When I experiment, I need a fast way to run a code snippet, do some debugging and figure out what is working and…

Hardware idea

February 05, 2019

Hardware is probably too big word for what I have in mind. A gadget? Helper? Problem I am learning to touch type. Right now I can pretty…

Bash magic spell to replace files

January 03, 2019

Most recently, at my work project, I assigned myself to a task to replace a png file across the project with a new graphic. Same file name…

How I stay productive in a big project

December 18, 2018

…and not get lost on the way. Problem For almost a year I’ve been a part of a big and mature JavaScript project. No frameworks. Just Node…

Hello World

December 01, 2018

Hello. This is my first post on my personal blog. I will write about recently learned concepts, mostly for myself, to remember them better…