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How NOT to learn JavaScript

A few years ago when I was starting my journey as a programmer I asked my friend(an unnamed hero, who is an awesome programmer) a question:

He answered:

I didn’t understand it then. I wanted to learn JS. I wanted to learn React, and Node, and WebGL.

And then I made lots of mistakes trying to. I’ve hit a roadblock after a roadblock when I was struggling to understand some basic concepts.

I remember a specific point in time when my Unnamed Friend was trying to teach me about data structures. When we got into hash maps I was so frustrated that I saved the file with the exercise as “some stupid 💩.js” Why would somebody even need this!!??

I was in the pit of despair…

pit of despair

I got here by following some advice found on the internet that was not suited for me. I wouldn’t say it was wasted time because all experience is valuable. But I’ve could use this time more efficiently.

Here is my opinion what NOT to do:

In the next post, I will present a way that helped me get out of the pit.