timeCube [WIP]

A pet project I am currently working on.

In the construction industry, design companies struggle to evaluate if their projects bring profit.
Architectural and Civil Engineers work on multiple projects in the span of a few months to a few years. Team members jump from one task to another.
It is extremely hard to know how much hours and how many people worked on a plan.

By making a crossover of a time tracker with a simple project management and visualization app I want to help teams to make better decisions with their business. React + Express + PostgreSQL

React mentoring at Epam

This project helped me to understand how to create a front-end app with JavaScript. When doing this project I had a strong understanding of React. My mentor helped me to look at things from a new perspective and introduced me to some tooling from React ecosystem.
Some of the topics covered:

  • React.createElement, React.Component, React.PureComponent, functional components
  • Webpack setup
  • Components. Smart/Dumb. ErrorBoundary.
  • Testing with Enzyme and Jest. Snapshot testing. Cypress.
  • Redux
  • Routing
  • Eslint, Styled Components.

Node mentoring at Epam

This project helped me to understand how to create back-end with JavaScript. I had an amazing mentor who taught me not only about servers but about programming in general.
Some of the topics covered:

  • NodeJS Events
  • Async development
  • Command Line. Debugging. Errors handling
  • Filesystem and Streams
  • Asynchronous Network API
  • HTTP Module
  • Middleware. Frameworks
  • Authorization. Validation. Security
  • SQL Databases. ORM
  • NoSQL Databases. ODM
  • NodeJS Testing
  • Deploy and Tools
  • Swagger. Docs


Its the best thing that happened to me since I started programming. I can’t praise it enough.
Here are the topics that are coved in the scope of this course.

  • Week 1: Introduction to programming in C language. Create 2 CLI programs in C.
  • Week 2: Big O, Sorting Algorithms, Binary Search, Recursion. Create 2 cyphering CLI programs with C.
  • Week 3: Call Stack, Pointers, Dynamic Memory Allocation. Create a program to manipulate images in C
  • Week 4: Structures, Custom Types, Singly-Linked Lists, Hash Tables, Tries, Stack, Queues. Create a spell checker in C.
  • Week 5: IP, TCP, HTTP, HTML, CSS
  • Week 6: Dynamic Programming, Introduction to Python.
  • Week 7: Servers, Python and Flask. Create 2 CLI programs in Python.
  • Week 8: Flask, MVC, SQL. Implement a stock-trading website.
  • Week 9: JavaScript, DOM, Ajax. Implement a news map app.
  • Week 10 and 11: Final Project

feedback generator

The final project for Harvard’s CS50 course. Evaluate your team members performance and generate random feedback from a set of sentences.
React + Firebase